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Babywelle by Dr. Michel

Dr. Johannes Michel

The story of Babywelle (and a little bit about me).
Sometimes people ask me how I came up with inventing a baby bouncer. Well, the story is actually told quite quickly. As often, the idea came out of necessity. When our daughter was born, we soon needed a place to put her down when we needed our hands free for a moment. A place where she could lie safely and relaxed. It should be a cozy nest, from which she could watch us and her big brother and not get bored.
So we went in search of such a nest and it was quite quickly clear that it should be a baby bouncer. There was a wide range of different rockers, but none of them really convinced us. This may also have been due to the fact that, as a specialist in pediatric surgery and surgery, I have quite high standards when it comes to ergonomic properties and material safety. Ultimately, this requirement led me to design a baby bouncer myself.
I am a passionate tinker, and when I start a project, I want to do it as well as possible. For the first design, all I needed was a large sheet of paper on which I drew the wave shape, a jigsaw, glue and sandpaper. Soon the original Babywelle was ready and even sooner it was impossible to imagine everyday life without it. Our daughter loved her bouncer. So much so that she even crawled into it by herself. It was a motor challenge for her that she learned to master over time. Exercise and play at the same time.
The child's world gets bigger and even the generously sized Babywelle becomes too small at some point. Therefore, we passed the beloved wooden swing to friends with younger children. History repeated itself and Babywelle went on the move. After 5 years it came back to us and was still intact. Our friends told about their good experiences and that made me want to serialize it. So I turned to professionals who worked wood with the latest CNC technology and to fabric and foam manufacturers who knew something about reclining comfort and high-quality materials. Over the years, the result was an all-around solid baby bouncer. Ergonomic, sustainable and timelessly beautiful.